The Most Integral part of Revenue Operations

Growth Modeling

The importance of having a good growth model

Building a company is difficult and the main reason for failure is poor planning.


Of Businesses Fail (first 2 years)


Of Businesses Fail (first 5 years)


Of Businesses Fail (first 10 years)


Of Businesses IPO or Exit

What is a growth model?

Sales Capacity Plan

Marketing Plan

Customer Success Plan

Partnerships and Channels

Sales Capacity Plan

Sales Capacity Plan Components

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Components

SQL Targets to hit Bookings Goals

Channel Distribution of SQL Targets

Cost per SQL

Marketing Initiatives Calendar

Customer Success Plan

Components of Customer Success Plan

CSM and Service Carry

Churn / Contraction / Expansion Forecast

Referrals Forecast

Assumptions and Considerations for your Growth Model

New Product Launch

New Region or Market

New Partnership Channels

Efficiency Increases

Recruiting New Hires

Enablement and Ramp Time

Planning Approaches and Aligning your GTM Teams

Top Down Strategic Guidance

Bottom Up Plan to Meet Top Down Guidance

Executive Review of Bottom Up Plan and Top Down Refinement

Second Round of Bottom Up Planning

Final Executive Approval of Plan

Segmenting your Growth Model - Below are a Few Ideas





Growth Modeling Recap

Reverse Engineer the Funnel

Segment Your Model

Balance Top Down and Bottom Up Planning Approaches

Capture Assumptions as Needed

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